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30% of social workers feel stressed due to exhausting work environments.

Increased expenses for employee safety due to violence and threats - a growing issue.

21% have experienced threats of violence

2% have experienced physical violence from clients.


61.8% of cash benefit recipients feel stressed.


Uncertainty regarding the future and finances.

Experience significant frustrations as unemployment is rarely a voluntary choice.

Our insight

Music and sound reduce negative effects

Several studies show that stimulating music increases heart rate, while calm music lowers it. Canadian studies have shown that levels of the stress hormone cortisol decreased significantly when participants listened to the 'right' music.



Music and sound enhance positive effects

Scientific studies show that:

  • The brain follows the rhythm of music, which can explain music's calming effect.

  • The brain releases dopamine when hearing the right music.

  • Other substances affecting stress, pain, motivation, and emotions are also released by listening to music.

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