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The task

To optimize the encounter between citizens and employees in the various spaces of municipalities through music and sound.


The concept

Fredensborg Municipality, in collaboration with composer Jacob Moth, has developed the sound concept called StreamScapes. Jacob Moth has many years of experience as a composer and is also dedicated to creating a holistic approach to sustainability and cohesion.

Citizen service


Job center


Peace of Mind

The music is composed with the intention of providing 'peace of mind'. It is based on sounds from nature and calm rhythms that lower heart rate. Dreamy melodies brighten the mind, and together with atmospheric soundscapes, StreamScapes creates harmony and positive thoughts, as well as providing a relaxing anti-stress environment.

Live Musicians

The music is recorded with professional 'real' musicians, giving StreamScapes a lively and organic expression.


Playlists and installation

The music is played from a website where the playlists are updated regularly according to needs and preferences. The playlists last up to 12 hours so your employee can start it in the morning, and it plays without interruption throughout the day.

StreamScapes is installed in relevant rooms to create an optimal experience for citizens and employees.

Waiting area

An extra boost with films

An option to give your waiting area, citizen service, or business an extra boost is to expand the music with a visual side consisting of beautiful and varied natural scenery. The scenes range from beaches, sunrises, to forests, lakes, mountains, flowers, fields, and fjords in different seasons.

The recordings are StreamScapes' own, captured and specially crafted by our professional photographer.

You can purchase footage from your own city or municipality if you want to make it even more personal and local.

Nature films

23.8.13 Aurland Sun beams_web.jpeg
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