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What is StreamScapes?

StreamScapes is beautiful nature film recordings and visual elements, wrapped in an organic soundscape of musical soundscapes. The channel creates an inspiring, uplifting, and life-affirming atmosphere that is effective in many work and home environments.

StreamScapes is designed as an "audio window" that shapes and enhances the appearance of the place and the spatial sound universe. The result is increased well-being, more energy, mindfulness, and inspiration.

StreamScapes can also be used solely as a music channel.


Specially designed composed music for your business

StreamScapes is specially designed music composed by Jacob Moth and his co-composers. The music is performed and produced in collaboration with Danish musicians.

We create a subpage on our website for your municipality, with login and password. From this page, you can stream the music. Playlists are created as needed.

The music is regularly refreshed and expanded, and we gladly receive feedback and accommodate requests.

We can also provide installations that start and stop automatically and come with audio messages as needed.


Contact us for more information.

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